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Question and answers

Q. Which is better to produce JATS XML by publisher itself or to ask companies JATS XML production?
A. If publisher should produce JATS XML of many journals, it is convenient to produce by itself after hiring Information technology engineer and library science specialist. If scholarly societies or institutes publish one or a few journals, it is efficient to ask companies

Q.How can I find the company or institute to produce JATS XML for journal publisher?
A.There is a variety of companies or institutes in the world that produce JATS XML for journal publisher, ScienceCentral could not endorse any specific companies or institutes. Please find them through web searching with topic of "JATS XML." If you would like to receive consultation for production company, please feel free to contact ScienceCentral Contractor. In Korea, at least three companies succeeded in producing JATS XML files completely.

Q. How much should publisher pay for the production of JATS XML to companies?
A.The production cost of one article to JATS XML is different according to the length of article, number of tables, figures, chemical formula, mathematical formula, presence of word processing or PDF files, and quality of PDF file. Therefore, production cost of physics, chemistry, and engineering papers is higher than that of life science papers. Although, the average cost of JATS XML production is about US $50.00, it varies according to above items of the article.