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Case Report
77 Endobronchial Metastasis of Malignant Melanoma, Diagnosed by Bronchoscopy
Heung Tae Kim, Young Whan Kim, Si Young Kim, Yung Jue Bang, Sung Koo Han, Noe Kyeong Kim, Keon Youl Kim, Yong Chol Han, Hyung Geun Song, Hyun Soon Lee, Sang Kook Lee
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)77-80   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007636
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Case Report
81 Endoscopic Laser Treatment of Dieulafoy’s Lesion
Byung Sub Park, Jong Do Choi, Il Jun Lee, Jung Woo Noh, Woo Joong Kim, Kyu Sung Rim
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)81-83   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007635
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Case Report
84 Endobronchial Hamartoma
Sang Do Lee, Young Whan Kim, Sung Koo Han, Young Soo Shim, Keun Youl Kim, Yong Chol Han
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)84-87   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007637
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Case Report
88 A Case Report: Carcinoma of the Gastric Stump after Billroth II Resection
Sae Kyung Chang, Ho Chung Kim, Jang Hoon Ahn, Young Soo Kim, Sil Moo Park, Chong Sook Kim, Sung Jun Park, Sung Park, Sun Taik Chang, Yong Wook Park
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)88-91   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007638
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Case Report
92 Intramural Hematoma of the Esophagus: Unusual Complication of Esophageal Variceal Sclerotherapy
Young Tae Bak, Zin Mock Yu, Jae Youn Cho, Jin Ho kim, Jong Guk Kim, Chang Hong Lee
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)92-94   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007640
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Original Article
1 Characteristics of Anti-TSH antibody and Its Relationship with TSH Receptor Antibody*
Bo Youn Cho, Young Kee Shong, Hong Kyu Lee, Chang-Soon Koh, Hun Ki Min, Munho Lee
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)1-8   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007628
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Original Article
15 HLA-DR Antigen Expression on the Thyrocytes of Graves’ Disease Patients
Myung Shik Lee, Young Kee Shong, Bo Youn Cho, Hong Kyu Lee, Chang-Soon Koh, Hun Ki Min, Munho Lee, Seung Keun Oh, Eung Soo Whang, Chang Yong Cha, Seong Hoe Park, Choong Ki Lee
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)15-23   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007626
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Original Article
24 Hepatitis B Virus DNA Detection by In Situ Hybridization in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Dong Hoo Lee, Jung Dal Lee
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)24-29   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007625
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Original Article
30 The Effect of Dexamethasone on B cell Mass and Function in Partial Pancreatctomized Rats
Hyun Chul Lee, Kap Bum Huh
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)30-37   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007627
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Original Article
38 Islet Cell Surface Antibodies in Graves’ Disease; As Organ Non-Specific Antibodies
Il-Min Ahn, Motomori Izumi, Shigenobu Nagataki
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)38-44   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007629
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Original Article
45 Thyrotropin Binding Inhibiting Antibody (TBIAb) in Graves’ Disease
Won Yong Cho, Hyang Hee Choi, Hun Jae Chun, Il-Min Ahn
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)45-51   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007630
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Original Article
52 Noninvasive Evaluation of Left Ventricular Diastolic Function in Patients with Angina Pectoris*
Byung-Hee Oh, Cheol-Ho Kim, Young-Bae Park, Yun-Shik Choi, Jung-Don Seo, Young-Woo Lee
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)52-57   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007631
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Original Article
58 A Retrospective Study on Radiotherapy and Radiochemotherapy in Esophageal Cancer
Chang-Min Kim, Weon-Seon Hong, Jhin-Oh Lee, Tae-Woong Kang, Yong-Hyon Kim, Chul-Gu Cho, Kyoung-Hwan Koh, Seong-Yul Yoo
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)58-63   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007632
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Original Article
64 Impaired Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Function in Chronically Hemodialyzed Patients with Iron Overload
Won Park, Dae Hwan Jang, Seong Hee Kim, Chang Soon Han, Wan Sik Shin, Ho Youn Kim, Dong Jip Kim
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)64-71   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007634
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Original Article
72 Clinical Review of 20 Cases of Addison’s Disease in Korea
Sang Kyu Sung, Yong Joon Kwon, Bum Woo Lee, Doo Man Kim, Hyung Joon Yoo
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)72-76   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007633
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Original Article
9 Detection of Hepatitis B Virus DNA in Human Serum by Dot Hybridization Using a Biotin-Labelled Probe*
Im Hwan Roe, Jung Hye Roe, Dong Hoo Lee
Korean J Intern Med. 1988;3(1)9-14   1988 January
  SCID: SC000007639
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