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Case Report
40 Acute Appendicitis in Patients with Acute Leukemia
Ki Up Kim, Jin Kyeung Kim, Jong Ho Won, Dae Sik Hong, Hee Sook Park, Kyeung Kyu Park
Korean J Intern Med. 1993;8(1)40-45   1993 January
  SCID: SC000007745
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Case Report
46 A Case of Polymyositis in a Patient with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Treated with D-Penicillamine
Jong Ho Ahn, Tae Hun Kim, Kyong Ran Peck, Yeong Wook Song
Korean J Intern Med. 1993;8(1)46-50   1993 January
  SCID: SC000007746
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Case Report
51 A Case of Primary Intestinal Lymphangiectasia
Kyu Chang Won, Byeong Ik Jang, Tae Nyeun Kim, Hyoung Woo Lee, Moon Kwan Chung, Hyun Woo Lee
Korean J Intern Med. 1993;8(1)51-55   1993 January
  SCID: SC000007747
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Original Article
1 G- and D-Cell Populations, Serum and Tissue Concentrations of Gastrin and Somatostatin in Patients with Peptic Ulcer Diseases
Sill Moo Park, Hyo Sook Park
Korean J Intern Med. 1993;8(1)1-7   1993 January
  SCID: SC000007741
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Original Article
15 Early Outcome of PTCA in Totally Occluded Coronary Arteries
Young Keun Ahn, Joo Hyung Park, Jong Soo Park, Myung Kon Lee, Myung Ho Jeong, Jeong Gwan Cho, Jong Chun Park, Jung Chaee Kang
Korean J Intern Med. 1993;8(1)15-18   1993 January
  SCID: SC000007739
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Original Article
19 Antral Helicobacter Pylori Infection, Hypergastrinemia and Peptic Ulcers: Effect of Eradicating the Organism
Sill Moo Park, Byung Chul Yoo, Hyo Rang Lee, Joon Hyun Yoon, Young Joo Cha
Korean J Intern Med. 1993;8(1)19-24   1993 January
  SCID: SC000007742
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Original Article
25 Mycobacterium fortuitum Peritonitis Associated with Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
Chul Weon Choi, Dae Ryong Cha, Young Ju Kwon, Won Yong Cho, Hee Jung Pyo, Hyoung Kyu Kim
Korean J Intern Med. 1993;8(1)25-27   1993 January
  SCID: SC000007740
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Original Article
28 Cimetidine Improves the Accuracy of Creatinine Clearance as an Indicator for Glomerular Filtration Rate
Ki Chul Choi, Jongeun Lee, Su Wan Kim, Nam Ho Kim, Kyoung Hyup Moon, Kwang Ki Park, Hee Seung Bom, Young Joon Kang
Korean J Intern Med. 1993;8(1)28-33   1993 January
  SCID: SC000007743
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Original Article
34 Manning Criteria in Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Its Diagnostic Significance
Hyeok Jeong, Hyo Rang Lee, Byoung Chul Yoo, Sill Moo Park
Korean J Intern Med. 1993;8(1)34-39   1993 January
  SCID: SC000007744
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Original Article
8 Direct Relationship between Elevated Free Testosterone and Insulin Resistance in Hyperprolactinemic Women
Seong Yeon Kim, Yun Ah Sung, Kyung Soo Ko, Bo Youn Cho, Hong Kyu Lee, Chang-Soon Koh, Hun Ki Min
Korean J Intern Med. 1993;8(1)8-14   1993 January
  SCID: SC000007748
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