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Case Report
57 Biliary Metal Stent as a Nidus for Bile Duct Stone
Young Koog Cheon, Jong Ho Moon, Young Deok Cho, Yun Soo Kim, Moon Sung Lee, Chan Sup Shim
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)57-60   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008038
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Case Report
61 Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis Associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Sjogren’s Syndrome
Sung Joon Shin, Kyoung Sun Na, Sung Soo Jung, Sang Cheol Bae, Dae Hyun Yoo, Seong Yoon Kim, Tae Hwan Kim
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)61-64   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008039
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Case Report
65 EDTA-dependent Pseudothrombocytopenia Confirmed by Supplementation of Kanamycin; A Case Report
Hae Lyun Ahn, Young Jo, Young Suk Choi, Jung Yeon Lee, Hae Woon Lee, Seong Ryul Kim, Joon Sim, Weon Lee, Chun Jo Jin
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)65-68   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008040
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Case Report
69 A Case of NK/T-Cell Lymphoma Complicated by a Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Hard Palate during Combination Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy
Hang Lak Lee, Myung Ju Ahn, Jung Hye Choi, Woon Hyun Jun, Young Yuel Lee, In Soon Kim, Young Choi, Se Jin Jang, Yong Wook Park
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)69-72   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008041
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Case Report
73 A Case of Neurotoxicity Following 5-Fluorouracil-based Chemotherapy
Seung Seog Ki, Jin Mo Jeong, Seong Ho Kim, Sook Hyang Jeong, Jin Hyuk Lee, Chul Ju Han, You Cheol Kim, Jhin Oh Lee, Young Joon Hong
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)73-77   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008043
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Case Report
78 A Case of Pulmonary Carcinosarcoma with Persistent Mild Fever
Hong Min Kim, Bong Seok Shin, Young Wook Song, Sang Mi Lee, Shin Hong Jung, Chang Won Kim, Ki Man Kang, In Sung Jung, Dong Jib Na
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)78-82   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008044
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Original Article
14 Perception of Risk of Developing Diabetes in Offspring of Type 2 Diabetic Patients
Jaetaek Kim, Seungjin Choi, Chee Jeong Kim, Yeonsahng Oh, Soon Hyun Shinn
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)14-18   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008031
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Original Article
19 Sexuality and Quality of Life after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Hong Ghi Lee, Eun Young Park, Hyun Mee Kim, Kihyun Kim, Won Seog Kim, Sung Soo Yoon, Won Ki Kang, Keun Chil Park, Chan Hyung Park
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)19-23   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008034
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Original Article
24 Evaluation of Emphysema in Patients with Asthma Using High-resolution CT
Ki Young Hong, June Hyuk Lee, Sung Woo Park, Jae Hak Joo, Do Jin Kim, Sung Heuk Moon, Soo Taek Uh, Yong Hoon Kim, Choon Sik Park, Jae Seung Park
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)24-30   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008032
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Original Article
31 Clinical Features of Eosinophilic Bronchitis
Jae Hak Joo, Sang Joon Park, Sung Woo Park, June Hyuk Lee, Do Jin Kim, Soo Taek Uh, Yong Hoon Kim, Choon Sik Park
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)31-37   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008033
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Original Article
38 Selective Bowel Decontamination for the Prevention of Infection in Acute Myelogenous Leukemia: A Prospective Randomized Trial
Dong Gun Lee, Su Mi Choi, Jung Hyun Choi, Jin Hong Yoo, Yoon Hee Park, Yoo Jin Kim, Seok Lee, Chang Ki Min, Hee Je Kim, Dong Wook Kim, Jong Wook Lee, Woo Sung Min, Wan Shik Shin, Chun Choo Kim
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)38-44   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008035
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Original Article
45 Electron Microscopic Evaluation of Adhesion of Helicobacter pylori to the Gastric Epithelial Cells in Chronic Gastritis
Hoon Jai Chun, Dong Kyu Park, Chul Hee Park, Jae Hong Park, Yoon Tae Jeen, Soon Ho Um, Sang Wo Lee, Jai Hyun Choi, Chang Duck Kim, Ho Sang Ryu, Jin Hai Hyun, Yang Seok Chae, Chang Sub Uhm
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)45-50   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008036
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Original Article
51 Aortic Valve Involvement in Behçet’s Disease. A Clinical Study of 9 Patients
Choong Won Lee, Jisoo Lee, Won Ki Lee, Chan Hee Lee, Chang Hee Suh, Chang Ho Song, Yong Beom Park, Soo Kon Lee, Yong Soon Won
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)51-56   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008037
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Original Article
7 Early dipyridamole stress myocardial SPECT to detect residual stenosis of infarct related artery: comparison with coronary angiography and fractional flow reserve.
Jeong Kee Seo, Jun Kwan, Ju Hyun Suh, Dae Hyeok Kim, Ki Hoon Lee, In Young Hyun, Won Sick Choe, Keum Soo Park, Woo Hyung Lee
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)7-13   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008042
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1 Noninvasive Measurement of Gastric Accommodation by SPECT
Doe Young Kim, Michael Camilleri
Korean J Intern Med. 2002;17(1)1-6   2002 March
  SCID: SC000008029
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