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Case Report
53 First Report of Cryptococcus Albidus-Induced Disseminated Cryptococcosis in a Renal Transplant Recipient
Yeon Ah Lee, Hee Jin Kim, Tae Won Lee, Myung Jae Kim, Mu Hyoung Lee, Ju Hie Lee, Chun Gyoo Ihm
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)53-57   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008138
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Case Report
58 Agranulocytosis Induced by Vancomycin in an ESRD Patient on CAPD
Young-Il Jo, Jae-Ho Yoon, Sang-Youl Shin, Won-Chul Chang, Byung-Kook Kim, Choon-Jo Jin, Jong-Oh Song
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)58-61   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008140
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Case Report
62 A Case of Renal Synovial Sarcoma: Complete Remission was Induced by Chemotherapy with Doxorubicin and Ifosfamide.
Soo-Jin Park, Hyun-Kun Kim, Chan-Kyu Kim, Sung-Kyu Park, Eun-Suk Go, Min-Eui Kim, Dae Sik Hong
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)62-65   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008142
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Case Report
66 A Case of Lactic Acidosis Caused by Stavudine in an AIDS Patient
Byoung Chul Cho, Sang Hoon Han, Suk Hoon Choi, Jun Yong Choi, Kyung Hee Chang, Young Goo Song, June Myung Kim
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)66-69   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008141
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Case Report
70 Hemophagocytic Syndrome Associated with Bilateral Adrenal Gland Tuberculosis
Byung-Chul Shin, Shin-Woo Kim, Sang-Woo Ha, Jong-Won Sohn, Jong-Myung Lee, Nung-Soo Kim
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)70-73   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008143
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Original Article
1 High Prevalence of Multiple Strain Colonization of Helicobacter pylori in Korean Patients: DNA Diversity Among Clinical Isolates from the Gastric Corpus, Antrum and Duodenum
Jeong Wook Kim, Jae Gyu Kim, Seok Lae Chae, Young Joo Cha, Sill Moo Park
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)1-9   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008129
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Original Article
10 Prognostic Value of VEGF in Human Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Yun Jeong Lim, Jong Kyun Lee, Cheol Keun Park, Sang Yong Song, Woo Young Jang, Hye Young Ha, Dong Il Park, Kyu Taek Lee, Seung Woon Paik, Byung Chul Yoo, Jong Chul Rhee
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)10-14   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008130
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Original Article
15 Prognostic Significance of Maspin in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Yun Jeong Lim, Jong Kyun Lee, Woo Young Jang, Sang Yong Song, Kyu Taek Lee, Seung Woon Paik, Jong Chul Rhee
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)15-18   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008131
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Original Article
19 Factors Associated or Related to with Pathological Severity of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Kyung Sik Park, Yeong Seok Lee, Heo Won Park, Sang Hyuck Seo, Byung Guk Jang, Jun Young Hwang, Kwang Bum Cho, Jae Seok Hwang, Sung Hoon Ahn, Yu Na Kang, Gap Chul Kim
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)19-26   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008133
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Original Article
27 The Effects of Low Calcium Dialysate on Arterial Compliance and Vasoactive Substances in Patients with Hemodialysis
Soo-Jeong Yoo, Dong-Jin Oh, Suk-Hee Yu
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)27-32   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008134
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Original Article
33 Do Acute Changes in Heart Rate by Isoproterenol Affect Aortic Stiffness in Patients with Hypertension?
Moo-Yong Rhee, Na-Young Kwon, Jae-Deok Kim, Seung-Ho Song, Young-Won Yoon, Myoung-Yong Lee, Young-Kwon Kim
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)33-37   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008135
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Original Article
38 Clinical Manifestations and Treatment Outcomes of Pulmonary Aspergilloma
Sang Hoon Lee, Byoung Jun Lee, Do Young Jung, Jin Hee Kim, Dong Suep Sohn, Jong Wook Shin, Jae-Yeol Kim, In Won Park, Byoung Whui Choi
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)38-42   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008136
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Original Article
43 Detection of Epstein-Barr Virus by PCR and Expression of LMP1, p53, CD44 in Gastric Cancer
Myung Ah Lee, Young Seon Hong, Jin Hyoung Kang, Kyung Shik Lee, Jin Young You, Kyo Young Lee, Cho Hyun Park
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)43-47   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008137
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Original Article
48 The Relationship between the Serum Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 Level and the Prognosis of the Disease in Lung Cancer
Hun Sub Shin, Chan Hee Jung, Hyun Duk Park, Seung Sei Lee
Korean J Intern Med. 2004;19(1)48-52   2004 March
  SCID: SC000008139
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