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288 HbA1c for Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes in Korea
Yeon-Ah Sung
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)288-290   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008384
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291 The Use of HbA1c for Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes in Korea
Young Sil Lee, Seong Su Moon
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)291-297   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008388
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298 Analysis of Treatment Patterns and Blood Pressure Changes According to Risk Stratification in Hypertensive Subjects
Dong-Kei Kim, Dong-Soo Kim, Tae-Hyun Yang, Han-Young Jin, Young-Wan Cho, Young-Kyeong Seo, Yong-Bok Kim, Young-Dae Kim, Taek-Jong Hong, Sang-Gon Lee, Tae-Joon Cha, Tae-Ik Kim, Byung-Soo Kim, Dae-Kyeong Kim, Doo-Il Kim
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)298-307   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008385
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308 Usefulness of Hemoperfusion in Paraquat Poisoning
Won Seok Choi, Eun Haeng Jung, Eun Hye Park, Jung Yeon Seo, Kyung Hong Jun, Myung Soo Kang, Hyang Kim
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)308-316   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008389
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317 Efficacy and Tolerability of OROS Hydromorphone in Strong Opioid-NaΓ―ve Patients:An Open Label, Prospective Study
Jun-Eul Hwang, Dae-Eun Kim, Ha-Na Kim, Ju-young Yoon, Woo-Kyun Bae, Hyun-Jeong Shim, Sang-Hee Cho, Ik-Joo Chung
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)317-322   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008390
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280 Current Guidelines for Hypertension Control and Choice of Antihypertensive Drugs
Jin-Won Jeong
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)280-285   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008383
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286 Isolated Spontaneous Dissection of the Proximal Superior Mesenteric Artery
You-Sang Ko, Hak-Hyun Lee
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)286-287   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008387
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273 Liver Flukes and Cholangiocarcinoma:Mechanism of Carcinogenesis
Seung-Ok Lee, Seong Hun Kim
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)273-279   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008386
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323 An Intraluminal Gallbladder and Bile Duct Hematoma after a Percutaneous Biopsy of Hepatic Adenoma
Hyn Jung Song, Young Woo Choi, Joo Ho Park, Tae Hee Lee, Yong Seok Kim, Young Woo Kang, In Seok Choi
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)323-327   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008391
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328 A Case of Mediastinal Tuberculous Lymphadenitis Mimicking a Submucosal Tunor of the Esophagus
Se Jin Kim, Seok Won Jung, Sejin Hwang, Young Am Yi, Jong Min Kim, Shi Jung Sung, In Du Jeong
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)328-332   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008392
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333 Successful Placement of a Left Ventricular Pacing Lead Despite Coronary Sinus Dissection During Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Dong Sung Kum, Suk Hwan Chung
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)333-336   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008393
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337 An Endobronchial Lipoma Treated by Bronchoscopic Excision
Seung Hwa Choi, Ji Young Kang, Young Bin Joo, Seung Kyoung Kim, Eun Yeong Mo, Sang Haak Lee, Hwa Sik Moon
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)337-342   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008394
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343 A Case of Klinefelter Syndrome Differentially Diagnosed as a Cause of Gigantism
Joo Young Kim, Yong Jun Choi, Sang Youl Rhee
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)343-347   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008398
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348 A Case of Acute Renal Failure Induced by Acetaminophen Intoxication
Ji-Yeon Lee, Hyo-Wook Gil, Jong-Oh Yang, Eun-Young Lee, Sae-Yong Hong
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)348-351   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008397
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352 Knee Pain an Initial Symptom of Colon Cancer
Yul-hee Cho, Min-Ok Jang, Hee-Seon Kwon, Yoon-Ho Ko, Jin-Hyoung Kang, Young-Seon Hong, Myung-Ah Lee
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)352-355   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008395
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356 Pyomyositis Caused by Non-O1 Vibrio cholerae in a Patient with Liver Cirrhosis
Sung Keun Park, Ji Won Lee, Jin Yong Kim, Yoon Soo Park, Yiel-Hae Seo, Yong Kyun Cho
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)356-359   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008396
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360 A Case of Lupus-Related Hepatitis Mimicking Autoimmune Hepatitis
Yang Won Lee, Ji Min Kim, Yun Kyeong Kim, Su Jin Moon, Ho Sung Yoon, Ho Youn Kim, Sung Hwan Park
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)360-364   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008399
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365 A Case of Anaphylaxis to trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole
Sung-Moo Kim, Kyung-Sook Kim, Mi-Kyung KIm
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)365-369   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008400
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251 Pathophysiology of Gout
Kwang-Hoon Lee, Soo-Kon Lee
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)251-254   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008379
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255 Clinical Manifestations and Diagnosis of Gout
Eun Bong Lee
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)255-259   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008378
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260 Recent Progress in the Management of Gouty Arthritis and Hyperuricemia
Won Park
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)260-268   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008380
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269 Management of Complicated Gout
Young Ok Jung
Korean J Med. 2011;80(3)269-272   Published online 2011 March 1
  SCID: SC000008382
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