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Review Article
1 Troponin assay use in the emergency department for management of patients with potential acute coronary syndrome: current use and future directions
William R. Fox, Deborah B. Diercks
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):1-8.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014423
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Original Articles
9 Comparison of the GlideRite to the conventional malleable stylet for endotracheal intubation by the Macintosh laryngoscope: a simulation study using manikins
Yong Tack Kong, Hyun Jung Lee, Ji Ung Na, Dong Hyuk Shin, Sang Kuk Han, Jeong Hun Lee, Pil Cho Choi
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):9-15.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014419
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16 Tube thoracostomy training with a medical simulator is associated with faster, more successful performance of the procedure
Tae Nyoung Chung, Sun Wook Kim, Je Sung You, Hyun Soo Chung
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):16-19.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014421
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20 Vasopressor requirement during targeted temperature management for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest caused by acute myocardial infarction without cardiogenic shock
Gyuho Song, Yeonho You, Wonjoon Jeong, Junwan Lee, Yongchul Cho, Seungwhan Lee, Seung Ryu, Jinwoong Lee, Seungwhan Kim, Insool Yoo
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):20-26.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014420
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27 Estimation of optimal pediatric chest compression depth by using computed tomography
Soo Young Jin, Seong Beom Oh, Young Oh Kim
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):27-33.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014422
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34 Does the traditional snakebite severity score correctly classify envenomated patients?
Seungho Kang, Jeongmi Moon, Byeongjo Chun
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):34-40.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014425
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41 Clinical outcomes of adverse cardiovascular events in patients with acute dapsone poisoning
Kyung Sik Kang, Hyung Il Kim, Oh Hyun Kim, Kyoung Chul Cha, Hyun Kim, Kang Hyun Lee, Sung Oh Hwang, Yong Sung Cha
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):41-45.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014415
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46 Efficient utilization of the limited number of emergency medicine specialists and statistics related to clinical outcomes in the emergency department
Jae Hyun Kwon, Chang Hwan Sohn, Jae Ho Lee, Bum Jin Oh
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):46-51.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014416
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Critical Care Corner
52 Stressed vs. unstressed volume and its relevance to critical care practitioners
Rory Spiegel
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):52-54.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014424
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Case Reports
55 Use of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta in a patient with gastrointestinal bleeding
Jungyoup Lee, Kyuseok Kim, You Hwan Jo, Jae Hyuk Lee, Joonghee Kim, Heajin Chung, Ji Eun Hwang
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):55-58.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014418
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59 Air reduction of intussusception after abdominal blunt trauma and a literature review
So Ra Kwon, Sang Ook Ha, Young Taeck Oh, You Dong Sohn
Clin Exp Emerg Med. 2016;3(1):59-62.   Published online 2016 March 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000014417
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