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Original Article
26 Dehydroglyasperin D Inhibits the Proliferation of HT-29 Human Colorectal Cancer Cells Through Direct Interaction With Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase
Sung Keun Jung, Chul-Ho Jeong
J Cancer Prev. 2016;21(1)26-31   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000014450
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Original Article
32 Malvidin Protects WI-38 Human Fibroblast Cells Against Stress-induced Premature Senescence
Hye Rin Seo, Mi Jin Choi, Ji Myung Choi, Jong Cheol Ko, Jee Yeon Ko, Eun Ju Cho
J Cancer Prev. 2016;21(1)32-40   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000014451
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Original Article
41 Hyperoside Induces Endogenous Antioxidant System to Alleviate Oxidative Stress
Ji Young Park, Xia Han, Mei Jing Piao, Min Chang Oh, Pattage Madushan Dilhara Jayatissa Fernando, Kyoung Ah Kang, Yea Seong Ryu, Uhee Jung, In Gyu Kim, Jin Won Hyun
J Cancer Prev. 2016;21(1)41-47   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000014452
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Original Article
48 Anti-inflammatory and Anti-tumorigenic Effects of Açai Berry in Helicobacter felis-infected mice
Ju Yup Lee, Nayoung Kim, Yoon Jeong Choi, Ryoung Hee Nam, Seonmin Lee, Min Hee Ham, Ji Hyung Suh, Yoon Jin Choi, Hye Seung Lee, Dong Ho Lee
J Cancer Prev. 2016;21(1)48-54   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000014453
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Original Article
55 Epidemiology of Oral Lichen Planus in a Cohort of South Indian Population: A Retrospective Study
Soma Susan Varghese, Giju Baby George, Sreenivasan Bargavan Sarojini, Sankar Vinod, Philips Mathew, Deepu George Mathew, Joseph Sebastian, Arun George
J Cancer Prev. 2016;21(1)55-59   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000014454
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Original Article
60 Comparison of Gastric Microbiota Between Gastric Juice and Mucosa by Next Generation Sequencing Method
Jihee Sung, Nayoung Kim, Jaeyeon Kim, Hyun Jin Jo, Ji Hyun Park, Ryoung Hee Nam, Yeong-Jae Seok, Yeon-Ran Kim, Dong Ho Lee, Hyun Chae Jung
J Cancer Prev. 2016;21(1)60-65   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000014455
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1 The Potential Role of Nitric Oxide in Halting Cancer Progression Through Chemoprevention
Huzefa Vahora, Munawwar Ali Khan, Usama Alalami, Arif Hussain
J Cancer Prev. 2016;21(1)1-12   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000014449
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13 Downregulation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Apoptosis
Chul-Ho Jeong, Sang Hoon Joo
J Cancer Prev. 2016;21(1)13-20   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000014448
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21 Implications of Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels on Smoking Behavior: An International Perspective
Minsoo Jung
J Cancer Prev. 2016;21(1)21-25   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000014447
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Short Communication
66 Ethanol Extract of Cirsium japonicum var. ussuriense Kitamura Exhibits the Activation of Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2-Related Factor 2-dependent Antioxidant Response Element and Protects Human Keratinocyte HaCaT Cells Against Oxidative DNA Damage
Ok-Kyung Yoo, Bu Young Choi, Jin-Oh Park, Ji-Won Lee, Byoung-Kwon Park, Chul Gue Joo, Hyo-Jung Heo, Young-Sam Keum
J Cancer Prev. 2016;21(1)66-72   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000014456
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