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71 Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of In-Home Child Care Helpers: Focusing on Child-Care Efficacy, Job Efficacy, and Health Promoting Lifestyle
Hana Yoo
Child Health Nurs Res. 2016;22(2):71-78.   Published online 2016 April 30    DOI:
SCID: SC000015070
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79 Prevalence and Predictors of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Late Preterm Infants at 12 Weeks
Soo Yeon Lee, Gun Ja Jang
Child Health Nurs Res. 2016;22(2):79-86.   Published online 2016 April 30    DOI:
SCID: SC000015071
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87 Knowledge and Practice in Self-Management on Asthma of School-Aged Children with Asthma
Seon Su Kim, In Soo Kwon
Child Health Nurs Res. 2016;22(2):87-96.   Published online 2016 April 30    DOI:
SCID: SC000015073
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97 The Relationship Between Mother’s Child-Rearing Attitude, Language Control Styles, and Preschool Child’s Social Competence
Sunghee Park
Child Health Nurs Res. 2016;22(2):97-106.   Published online 2016 April 30    DOI:
SCID: SC000015072
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107 An Integrative Review on Family-Centered Rounds for Hospitalized Children Caring
Mihae Im, Jina Oh
Child Health Nurs Res. 2016;22(2):107-116.   Published online 2016 April 30    DOI:
SCID: SC000015067
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117 Effects of Direct Practice of Newborn Health Assessment on Students’ Nursing Clinical Competence and Self-Efficacy
Seol Hui Park, Se Ang Ryu
Child Health Nurs Res. 2016;22(2):117-125.   Published online 2016 April 30    DOI:
SCID: SC000015066
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126 Childhood Fever Management: Current Practice vs Evidence
Jin Sun Kim
Child Health Nurs Res. 2016;22(2):126-136.   Published online 2016 April 30    DOI:
SCID: SC000015064
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137 Association of Sexual Maturation and Parent-Child Communication on Maturity Fears in Elementary School Girls
Hun Ha Cho, So-Hyun Moon
Child Health Nurs Res. 2016;22(2):137-144.   Published online 2016 April 30    DOI:
SCID: SC000015069
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145 Nursing Students’ Knowledge, Attitudes, Perceived Behavior Control and Intention to Report Cases of Child Abuse
Kyung-Mi Cho, Eun-Joo Kim
Child Health Nurs Res. 2016;22(2):145-152.   Published online 2016 April 30    DOI:
SCID: SC000015065
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153 Analysis of Studies on High-Risk Infants and Quality Assessment of Intervention Studies
Hyejung Lee, Anna Kim, Anna Maeng, Gayeong Kim
Child Health Nurs Res. 2016;22(2):153-162.   Published online 2016 April 30    DOI:
SCID: SC000015068
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