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253 Replication of Early B-cell Factor 1 (EBF1) Gene-by-psychosocial Stress Interaction Effects on Central Adiposity in a Korean Population
Hyun-Jin Kim, Jin-Young Min, Kyoung-Bok Min
J Prev Med Public Health. 2016;49(5):253-259.   Published online 2016 July 10    DOI:
SCID: SC000017606
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260 The Association Between Oxidative Stress and Depressive Symptom Scores in Elderly Population: A Repeated Panel Study
Changwoo Han, Youn-Hee Lim, Yun-Chul Hong
J Prev Med Public Health. 2016;49(5):260-274.   Published online 2016 August 23    DOI:
SCID: SC000017607
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275 C-reactive Protein Concentration Is Associated With a Higher Risk of Mortality in a Rural Korean Population
Jung Hyun Lee, Hyungseon Yeom, Hyeon Chang Kim, Il Suh, Mi Kyung Kim, Min-Ho Shin, Dong Hoon Shin, Sang-Baek Koh, Song Vogue Ahn, Tae-Yong Lee, So Yeon Ryu, Jae-Sok Song, Hong-Soon Choe, Young-Hoon Lee, Bo Youl Choi
J Prev Med Public Health. 2016;49(5):275-287.   Published online 2016 August 23    DOI:
SCID: SC000017608
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288 Reconstruction of Radiation Dose Received by Diagnostic Radiologic Technologists in Korea
Yeongchull Choi, Jaeyoung Kim, Jung Jeung Lee, Jae Kwan Jun, Won Jin Lee
J Prev Med Public Health. 2016;49(5):288-300.   Published online 2016 August 23    DOI:
SCID: SC000017610
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301 Perceived Ethnic Discrimination and Depressive Symptoms Among Biethnic Adolescents in South Korea
Gum Ryeong Park, Inseo Son, Seung-Sup Kim
J Prev Med Public Health. 2016;49(5):301-307.   Published online 2016 August 24    DOI:
SCID: SC000017605
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308 The Association Among Individual and Contextual Factors and Unmet Healthcare Needs in South Korea: A Multilevel Study Using National Data
Seung Eun Lee, Miyeon Yeon, Chul-Woung Kim, Tae-Ho Yoon
J Prev Med Public Health. 2016;49(5):308-322.   Published online 2016 September 7    DOI:
SCID: SC000017609
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323 Unsafe Disposal of Child Faeces: A Community-based Study in a Rural Block in West Bengal, India
Preeti PS, Sanjaya Kumar Sahoo, Dhiraj Biswas, Aparajita Dasgupta
J Prev Med Public Health. 2016;49(5):323-328.   Published online 2016 September 8    DOI:
SCID: SC000017612
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329 Short-term Effects of Ambient Air Pollution on Emergency Department Visits for Asthma: An Assessment of Effect Modification by Prior Allergic Disease History
Juhwan Noh, Jungwoo Sohn, Jaelim Cho, Seong-Kyung Cho, Yoon Jung Choi, Changsoo Kim, Dong Chun Shin
J Prev Med Public Health. 2016;49(5):329-341.   Published online 2016 September 8    DOI:
SCID: SC000017611
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