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1 Commemorative Speech of the Foundation
Yinmao Dong
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)1-2   Published online 2016 March 30
  SCID: SC000019733
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3 Commemorative Speech of the Foundation
Sungkwan An
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)3-4   Published online 2016 March 30
  SCID: SC000019734
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Research Article
18 Antioxidative Activity and Protein Expression Effects of the Extracts from Cinnamomum camphora on the Hair-growth Relevant Factors
Sole Cho, Ok-Hwan Kim
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)18-29   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000019735
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Research Article
30 Effects of Visual Images of Low-cost Cosmetics on Consumer Types and their Behaviors
Sang Eun Lee
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)30-41   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000019737
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Research Article
42 The Effect of Golf Majorsโ€™ Awareness on Harmfulness of UV and Skin & Health Care Behavior on Self-esteem
Seon Min Park, Sang Woo Cho
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)42-56   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000019738
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Research Article
58 The Effects of Meridian Massage on Stress and Brain Activation of Middle-aged Women
Byung Nam Park, Seong Gyun Hong
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)58-64   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000019739
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Research Article
6 Potential of Fisetin as a Nutri-cosmetics Material through Evaluating Anti-oxidant and Anti-adipogenic Activities
Myung-Soo Shon, Ryeong-Hyeon Kim, Ji-Hye Song, O Jun Kwon, Ah-Reum Lee, Hae-Ok Kim, Seong-Soo Roh, Gyo-Nam Kim
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)6-17   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000019740
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Research Article
66 Antioxidant and Antiwrinkle Effects of Amentoflavone for Cosmetic Materials Development
Songjeong Lee, Sungkwan An
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)66-76   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000019741
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Research Article
78 Evaluation of Water Extract Prepared from Chrysanthemum indicum Linne as Nutri-cosmetic and Cosmetic Material In Vitro Model
Ryeong-Hyeon Kim, Ji-Hye Song, Myung-Soo Shon, Kae Shik Chun, Sun-Uk Choi, Gyo-Nam Kim
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)78-88   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000019742
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Review Article
106 The Holistic View of Cosmetic Science
Yinmao Dong, Xianrong Qiu, Hong Meng
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)106-117   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000019736
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Review Article
90 The Backgrounds and Main Contents of the Revised Guideline for Securing of Research Ethics
In-Jae Lee
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)90-97   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000019744
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Review Article
98 The Investigation of Function of Mineral Mud for the Skin
Yijie Du, Xiaofeng Deng, Li Li, Yinmao Dong
Asian J Beauty Cosmetol. 2016;14(1)98-104   Published online 2016 March 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000019743
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