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Original Paper
441 Measurement of Surfactant Concentration Using Light Scattering Method
Young Hyeon Jo, Gyeong Hyeon Jo, Chi Sup Jung
Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers. 2017;39(8)441-448   Published online 2017 August 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000027779
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Original Paper
449 Identification of the Environmentally Problematic Input/Environmental Emissions and Selection of the Optimum End-of-pipe Treatment Technologies of the Cement Manufacturing Process
Joo-Young Lee, Yoon-Ha Kim, Kun-Mo Lee
Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers. 2017;39(8)449-455   Published online 2017 August 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000027780
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Original Paper
456 A Study on Optimization of Manufacture Conditions for Water Treatment Membrane by Using Electrospinning Method
Sang Hyun Lee, Sung Yeol Choi, Soon Woong Chang, Sung Su Kim
Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers. 2017;39(8)456-461   Published online 2017 August 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000027781
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Original Paper
462 Assessment of the Struvite Crystallization Process for Phosphate Removal and Recovery from a Sludge Treatment System of a Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant
Seung Ryong Baek, Byung Joon Lee
Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers. 2017;39(8)462-469   Published online 2017 August 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000027782
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Original Paper
470 Application of Lime Stone, Sand, and Zeolite as Reactive Capping Materials for Marine Sediments Contaminated with Organic Matters and Nutrients
Ku Kang, Seong-Jik Park
Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers. 2017;39(8)470-477   Published online 2017 August 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000027783
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Original Paper
478 Optimization of Operation and Backwashing Condition for an Upflow Stormwater Filtration System Utilizing Ceramic Media
Yuhoon Hwang, Younggyo Seo, Hyowon Kim, Kunwan Roh, Hyunsang Shin, Dogun Kim
Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers. 2017;39(8)478-488   Published online 2017 August 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000027784
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Original Paper
489 Effect of Electrode Configuration on the Substrate Degradation in Microbial Fuel Cells
Yujin Shin, Myoung-Eun Lee, Chi-Hoon Park, Yongtae Ahn
Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers. 2017;39(8)489-493   Published online 2017 August 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000027785
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