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Research Article
1 Research Trends on Young Children’s Happiness: Focusing on Young Children, Parents, and Teachers
Youngsook Kim, Sunhee Min
Korean J Child Stud. 2018;39(1)1-17   Published online 2018 February 28
 DOI:   SCID: SC000029722
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Research Article
103 Effects of Maternal Parenting Behavior and Preschoolers’ Executive Function on Preschoolers’ Theory of Mind
Moonyoung Jang, Nana Shin
Korean J Child Stud. 2018;39(1)103-117   Published online 2018 February 28
 DOI:   SCID: SC000029724
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Research Article
119 The Longitudinal Influence of Maternal Depression and Anxiety on Noncompliance and Externalizing Behavior Problems of Preschool Children: The Mediation Effect of Harsh Maternal Parenting Behavior
Hana Song
Korean J Child Stud. 2018;39(1)119-128   Published online 2018 February 28
 DOI:   SCID: SC000029725
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Research Article
129 Validation of the Korean Version of the Maternal Postpartum Attachment Development Scale for Mothers of Children who were in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Ah Rim Kim, Young Ran Tak
Korean J Child Stud. 2018;39(1)129-143   Published online 2018 February 28
 DOI:   SCID: SC000029721
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Research Article
19 Longitudinal Relationships between Fathers’ Parenting Attitude and Preschoolers’ Externalizing Behavior Problem
Cheong-Ah Huh, Hanjin Bae
Korean J Child Stud. 2018;39(1)19-33   Published online 2018 February 28
 DOI:   SCID: SC000029728
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Research Article
35 Children’s Cognition and the Inference of Life Phenomenon about Anthropomorphic Characters
Boram No, Soonhyung Yi
Korean J Child Stud. 2018;39(1)35-48   Published online 2018 February 28
 DOI:   SCID: SC000029729
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Research Article
49 Relationship of Parents’ Parenting Stress and Their Depression with Their Child’s Happiness
Sun Ah Lim
Korean J Child Stud. 2018;39(1)49-59   Published online 2018 February 28
 DOI:   SCID: SC000029726
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Research Article
61 Effects of Household Income and Rate of Consumption-Oriented Spending on Children on Mother's Parenting Stress: A Short-term Longitudinal Study Using a Latent Growth Model
Bbeun Sae Lee
Korean J Child Stud. 2018;39(1)61-74   Published online 2018 February 28
 DOI:   SCID: SC000029727
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Research Article
75 Structural Model of the Relationships Among Mothers' Reactions to Early Adolescents' Anger, Early Adolescents' Anger Management Styles, and Internalizing Problem Behaviors
Na Hyeon Kim, Hee Hwa Kim
Korean J Child Stud. 2018;39(1)75-88   Published online 2018 February 28
 DOI:   SCID: SC000029730
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Research Article
89 Parenting Profiles and Children's Social Skills: The Mediating Role of Effortful Control
Ja Yeun Koo, Kyung Ja Park
Korean J Child Stud. 2018;39(1)89-101   Published online 2018 February 28
 DOI:   SCID: SC000029731
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