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Effect of Acute Resistance Exercise with Different Level of Blood Flow Restriction on Acute Changes in Muscle Thickness, Blood Lactate, CK, and Oxidative Stress in Male Adults
Author : Tae-Ho Kim, Sang-Hyun Lee, Yang-Jung Kim, Su-Jin Kim, Ju-Hee Kang, Hyo-Bum Kwak, Dong-Ho Park
Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 50-61, 2018 SCID : SC000029457 DOI : http://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2018.27.1.50
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The Influence of Gender, Sports Type and Training Experience on Cognitive Functions in Adolescent Athletes
Author : Atcharat Yongtawee, Min-Jung Woo
Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 159-167, 2017 SCID : SC000025262 DOI : http://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2017.26.2.159
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Body Composition and Specific Physical Fitness Profiles of the Korean National Amateur Boxers
Author : Kwang-Jun Kim, Hong-Sun Song, Seok-Ki Min
Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 33-42, 2016 SCID : SC000014966 DOI : http://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2016.25.1.33
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The Effects of a Bout Exercise on Production of Bone Metabolic Cytokines in Osteopenia Elederly Women
Author : Chang-Sun Kim, Hyo-Jin Kim, Ji-Yeon Kim, Ji-Won Kim, Soon-Gill Lim, Dong-Ho Park
Vol. 25, No. 4, pp. 274-281, 2016 SCID : SC000020161 DOI : http://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2016.25.4.274
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Comparison of New Combined Event Performance by Performance Level in Modern Pentathlon Athletes
Author : Young-Sun Kim, Jae-Ryang Yoon, Sun Hur
Vol. 25, No. 4, pp. 282-287, 2016 SCID : SC000020162 DOI : http://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2016.25.4.282
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Development of New Estimation Formula Based on Astrand-Ryhming Step Test Protocol for VO2max Evaluation of Adolescents (13-18 years)
Author : Jung-Ran Song, Sang-Hyun Lee, Yang-Jung Kim, Su-Jin Kim, Do-Yun Kim, Chang-Sun Kim, Dong-Ho Park
Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 71-79, 2018 SCID : SC000029460 DOI : http://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2018.27.1.71
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Effects of Sitting Habits and Physical Activity Levels on Spine and Pelvis Deformations in School Children
Author : Mun-Ku Song, Ji-Young Kong, Ji-Hyun Park, Chul-Ho Shin, Hyun-Sik Kang
Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 32-39, 2017 SCID : SC000023436 DOI : http://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2017.26.1.32
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Contractile Properties of Single Muscle Fiber and Their Relations to Whole Muscle Strength in Korean Young Male
Author : Yu-Nah Jeon, Hee-Jaeng Kim, So-Young Yang, So-Hyun Lee, Dae-Young Kim, Jun-Hyun Bae, Ho-Jun Lee, Jae-Young Lim, Seung-Jun Choi
Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 23-31, 2018 SCID : SC000029461 DOI : http://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2018.27.1.23
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Validity and Reliability of a New 20-m PST Protocol for Predicting VO2max of Male Youths Aged 13-18 Years
Author : Dong-Ho Park, Sang-Hyun Lee, Do-Youn Kim, Jeon-Woo Cheon, Chang-Sun Kim
Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 77-86, 2017 SCID : SC000023441 DOI : http://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2017.26.1.77
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Effect of Training Intensity on Hepatic Steatosis and Expression of miRNAs and Target Genes in a High-fat Diet-induced Mice
Author : Jinkyung Cho, Jinhwan Yoon, Inho Park, Hyunsik Kang
Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 32-39, 2018 SCID : SC000029464 DOI : http://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2018.27.1.32
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